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What is Mindfulness

You might be surpised to learn that over 95% of all you actions, reactions, emotional responses, beliefs, values and attitudes are in fact not conscious thoughts but unconscious.

The unconsciious is the way our brain relieves our conscious mind of most of the complex tasks we have to perform each second of the day, leaving our conscious mind to think, calculate and reason etc. Its how we are efiicient and can achieve so much.

Most of these responses were programmed during our first 10 years of life and problems arise when these unconscious pre-programmed responses are not appropriate for our current adult enviroment.

Old anger patterns, perceptions, judgements, frustrations, stress and anxiety are all based in the pre programming.

Better communication

Developing a self awareness in the moment means we can communicate with others andbe more effective listeners. Listening to what is said and not filtering this with our pre conceptions, beliefs etc allows us to actually hear what the other is communicating. Secondly it allows us to respond not out of a judgemental place or with frustration, irritation or anger but consciously calmly and thoughfully

Better relationships

When we communicate from a conscious place, wonderful things happen. First we are calmer, and this in turn helps others be calmer and more thoughtful. Relationships that previously had tensions can rapidly become cooperative and compassionate, both in the workplace at home and elsewhere

Stress and anxiety reduction

Becomeing mindfully aware of your inner and outer life helps you to take conscious control of your emotional reactions. This can give you a new persepective behind the reasons for frustrations and anger etc and allowing you to have a less stressed and anxious life. The effects can be quite rpofound on your work life as well as your personal life.

Each Group is made of 3 participants and a facilttator. The Program consists of 9 modules. Each week the participants study and practice a single module and then attend a group online coaching session, "The Triad".

Each participant has an opportunity to talk about their personal expereince working with the module material. This sharing enlarges and deepens the experience for all the three particpants through the shared experinece and discussion. The facilittator guides the process.


Step 1

Read and absorb the


Step 2

Practice the excercisies

throughout the week

Step 3

Attend to the online



The Triad Mindfulness program is founded on a blend of evidence based scientific research, eastern philosphical studies and experience.

Mindfulnes is the practice of non judgemental conscious awareness, in the present moment, of your inner and outer world.

This is not a meditational practice but practice that is integrated into your everyday life. It does not require sitting or being in a specific place but can be practiced whilst going about your normal daily routines.



We have all done programs where the effects seemed to dimish over time

TEAMUP TRIAD is different, a 9 module program over approx 12 weeks where you:

Live the program

Practice the modules in day to day life

Gain the insights

Embed the changes naturally and easily