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Conscious Mind

Hypnotherpay works like this. Our conscious minds are powerful but can only do so much. we must use a lot of effort consistantly over a good length of time to change things just using our conscious minds. You know this becasue its really hard to change a habit just by trying not to do it.

Unconscious Mind

Our unconscious mind is much more powerful. It does almost all the automated things we do everyday. Its in our unconscious minds that the program that runs the unwanted responses of stress, anger, anxiety and habits etc reside.


Hypnosis calmss the conscious minds leaving the unconscious mind opoen to positive powerful suggestions for change in the direction you want to go.

Hypnosis requires no conscious effort, all the work is done at the unconscious level.

Entering Hypnosis

A skilled Hypnotherapist can help you access that state of hypnosis easily and quickly. All that is needed is for you to listen attentively and follow the simple instructions and you will comfortably slip into the hypnosis state, just as you go to sleep, it happens almost without you noticing

This is safe and you cannot get "stuck" in this state. If the internet connection fails you will simply come back to the fully awake state quickly.

The Therapy

Once in hypnosis the therapist can make both direct and indirect suggestions, often using the same techniques a phychologist uses, that can help your mind to readjust towards the kind of behaviour you want to develop, but without needing you to consciously try.

This might sound magical but remember, there was a time when you never had the unwanted behaviour, you somehow learned to do things the wrong way, Hypnotherapy helps your uncnscious mind learn to do things a better more healthy way.

Hypnosis- for when you cant do it with just willpower

Hypnosis is probably the most misunderstood and mysterious therapy available.

Hypnosis is simply an altered state of mind different from your normal awake state.

Sleep is also an altered state, as is daydreaming, forgetting where you are for a short while. All are completely normal and all of us are capable of doing them at different times.