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Pete gable Certified Hypnotherapy and Integrated Therpist
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Offering integrated therapies including hypnotherapy means I can help with a very wide range of issues that cause us concern. Almost all these issues start and reside in our minds, in our unconscious minds, and hypnosis and other talk therapies have been proved time and again to be highly effective in helping us make positive change.

If you need help with any area of your life then please either call me direct or email me. You can ask any questions beforehand and make an appointment to start changing you life for the better when you are ready. My clinic is ideally located Central Hong Kong.

Life is all about balance. When one part of your life is not balanced it affects all the others. If you have emotional issues, health concerns, unwanted habits, behaviours and addictions, fears or phobias etc, these all keep us out of balance and make life, work, relationships, in fact everything,  all the more challenging.

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