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Countless studies have shown that coachng helps people reach further than they could have done alone

Coaching is a collaboration between the experinece and knowledge of the client and the skilll of the coach to help the client reach further than they may have thought possible before.

Many business people confuse coaching with consulting or advising however they are not the same.

Coaches need no knowledge or experience of your specific business or industry.

Coaching is all about helping the individual to find the resources and answers within themselves that will aloow them to be even more succesfull.

Best for Who?

Coaching is best for people who have already achieved success. This means individuals that are already skilled and knowldgeable in their chosen area and already have the motivation to succeed. Coaching is the perfect resource that can allow you to develop and achieve bigger goals than you may have even thought posiible


Coaching is delivered throug the medium of Skype. Sessions are set at times suitable to your schedule and availability. a single session would be 90 to 120 minutes long. There will be no pre-set agenda for a session. The client or the coach can decide on the direction and subject matter.

Coaching Agreement

Our policy is to allow you to experience powerful coaching before commiting to a long term coaching agreement. A typical coaching agreement would be set for a 12 month period for a set no of hours in that time. Agreement can of course be altered to suit your needs and requirments.

Coaching has proved time and again that it is a valuable tool for the succesful entrpreneur, executive or businessperson.

The ability to have at your disposal an experienced coach that is both independant and confidential cannot be underestimated.

Today it's recognised that succesful people need an executive coach just as much a sportsperson needs one

Your coach can be a sounding board and also a provocative investigator that asks the kind of questions that subordinates cannot and will not.

As a succesful person you know how to push yourself, however a coach can help you push your goals and abilities to places you may not have realised exisited, providing not only a the impetus but also the accountabilty.

Tiger Woods

Andy Murray

Bill Clinton

Tiger was the most prolific and talented golfer since Jack Nicklaus, yet he attributed his early rise to his famous coach, Butch Harmon

Andy, a champion in the making yet continually failed at the final hurdle, until he engaged Ivan Lendl as his coach, who worked on his mental aproach to release the blockages to victory.

Bill was one of the most charismatic and expereinced politicians of his age yet he engaged Tony Robbins to help him.

Executive coaches are the personal trainers or sports coaches of the business world. Pairing with successful clients and as a team helping the client to navigate difficult situations, eliminate wasted effort or find greater focus to create outstanding performance. A coaches role can be to allow a client to see more than was at first apparent from their perspective. The coach can help the client find new insights and perspectives leading to greater options and opportunities, quickly and efficiently.